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I figure visitors to my site may be a little interested in my background. So, for your reading pleasure I am going to divest a bit of information regarding who I am and what I like to do behind the scenes. Hopefully you find it as fascinating as I do.

Pittsburgh I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. As a Pittsburgh native, I had the pleasure of growing up in the proverbial "City of Champions." The Steelers were, and still are my favorite sports team of all time. The Pittsburgh Penguins, of course are not too far behind. The Pirates? I try to block them from my memory.

In terms of athletics, I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee and I try to play golf on a regular basis. I am just now getting to the point where I can hit a ball 300 yards with my driver and actually keep it in bounds. I have also been practicing Tae Kwon Do sporadically for about 20 years. I presently hold a 3rd degree black belt and am working toward the rank of Master.

While most people go for internships in the summer, I took a different route. For three summers, I chose to participate in an activity called drum corps. The best way to describe it to an outsider is this: a marching band on steroids. Imagine a marching band made of only brass and drums, and every one of the performers is excellent. Imagine a group that rehearses 12-14 hours a day in searing heat for an entire summer. Most of my character was built from this activity. For more info on drum corps, visit any of the following pages: Tae Kwon Do

My Services


  • custom icons
  • letterhead/envelope
  • logos/corporate identity
  • web optimization

Instructional Design

  • course development
  • online learning
  • training materials

Print Ads

  • brochures
  • business cards
  • CD & box packaging
  • flyers
  • print ads

Web Design

  • CSS and HTML
  • domain registration
  • personal/small business sites
  • usability testing
  • interface design
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