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Graphic Design

Here you will find some work samples I have done as a graphic designer while enrolled at Duquesne University. There is a wide variety of work shown from photography, box artwork, retouching, and black/white colorization. More samples to come down the line!

Title Description
Air Brush
  • Bill's Thoughts
  • A self portrait showing myself in air brush with my thoughts contained inside my head.
    Ballet Poster
  • Dreams of Butterflies and Mortality
  • Poster for an upcoming ballet
    Book Cover
  • Original Photo
  • Applied to Cover
  • A photo taken outside a restaurant, color removed to focus on the people. Photo then attached to the surface of a book cover.
    Black/White to Color
  • Before
  • After
  • Pictures of an old house in black white, repaired and colorized.
    Damage Repair
  • Before
  • After
  • The old house from above with lots of picture damage, redone to look like new.
    Fine Art
  • Normal Image
  • Transformed
  • First picture is of my wife. Second picture shows how to remove all detail, replace with simple color and look like a watercolor.
    Video Game Cover Art
  • Home Alone 5
  • Game cover for the upcoming game Home Alone 5, starring yours truly.



    My Services


    • custom icons
    • letterhead/envelope
    • logos/corporate identity
    • web optimization

    Instructional Design

    • course development
    • online learning
    • training materials

    Print Ads

    • brochures
    • business cards
    • CD & box packaging
    • flyers
    • print ads

    Web Design

    • CSS and HTML
    • domain registration
    • personal/small business sites
    • usability testing
    • interface design
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